Kristy Quinn is a self taught artist who calls Sydney home. Kristy is best known for her colour and bold statements, she injects brightness and excitement into a plain white canvas. Her love for movement and abstract is dominant in all of her works. 

Growing up in the beach town of Shellharbour, Kristy was encouraged from a young age to be creative. Kristy drew inspiration from the ocean and was forever drawing and painting.

Fashion design was also dominant within Kristy's family so she natural had a great fasination with it. ​Kristy made most of her clothes an started and earing label, selling to local boutique stalls in Shellharbour.

Kristy then moved to Sydney to study Fashion Design at East Sydney TAFE , but realised it wasn't where her heart really was and went back to her artistic roots.

Kristy's inspiration comes from natural movement, nature and our beautiful country, Australia.

For custom works please either call, or contact via the contact page. Appointments can be arranged (Please note Kristy is Sydney Based).

Custom made sizes may come at an extra cost.​​